Solar Combo - 1500 VA Inverter / Battery 150AH x 2Nos / PV Panel 1000 WT

  • Rs. 64,000.00
  • Save Rs. 70,500

Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar 1500 Combo is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a 1.5 KVA Power plant which can run a Peak Load upto 1200 Watts. 

If you are leaving in a City or  where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 3-5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.


Inverter - 1.5 KVA, 2 years warranty

Battery -2 Nos. 150 Ah - Tall Tubular, 5 years replacement Warranty 

Solar Panel - 3 Nos.325 Watt - 25 years performance Warranty


Ideal for running - 4 Ceiling Fan, 4 CFL,  4 Tube light,  2 Television, 2 Laptop/Mobile Charging

Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


4 hrs 20 mint

6 hrs

9 hrs

15 hrs

36 hrs


 How to install Solar Combo?

My Battery Bazaar offers hassle free way to go Solar, Pay the product cost today through EMI / Credit Card online, And pay Installation amount after installing your product at your home. 

Solar system Installation

Installation Cost - Rs. 15 per Wp, So if you install 300 Watts panel, Installation cost will be Rs. 3,000/- Similarly, if you install, 1,000 watt panel - Installation Cost will be Rs. 10,000/-

Why Solar Installation is Costly?

- Installation of Solar Solution needs Mounting of solar panel on the Roof, There will be structure made of anodised Aluminium which does not rust and last for decades.

- UV protected wires and cables are used which are lowest conductor resistance and high mechanical strength for varying weather conditions.

- Solar Certified engineer are required for Installation as Angle and Direction of Solar panel is very important. Any mistake here will directly impact Production of solar energy.


 # Advantage of buying from Mybatterybazaar

 *  Back up time is Under Standard Test conditions, may vary depending upon load types, temperature and ageing. 

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