Luminous Solar hybrid PCU NXT 2 KW / 48V

  • Rs. 40,000.00
  • Save Rs. 13,995

Product Descriptions

Luminous Solar hybrid PCU NXT 2 KW is a very efficient hybrid solar inverter equipped with a powerful inbuilt MPPT Charge controller. The only difference between this solar inverter for home and the Luminous Solar hybrid PCU NXT 3 KW is the power requirement. This inverter is for households and offices with heavy power requirement.   

The solar charge controller of PCU NXT 2KW ensures the maximum of the solar energy is converted into electricity in a very quick time to run loads. The inverters come with accessory features like MCB protection, IEC standards and a Mobile app. 

The specialty of this hybrid rooftop power backup inverter solution is that it has the capability to charge the batteries from the grid as well as from the inverter solar panel.  When it finds the sun is shining, it starts charging the battery from the solar panel and if the sun is playing hide & seek or it is hidden behind the clouds, the inverter switches its mode and starts charging the battery from the mains.



The device has the ability to handle the load up to maximum 2,000 watts.  The inverter should be connected to 4 batteries of 12 V which amounts to total 48 volts.

Its inbuilt safety mechanism ensures to protect the inverter from issues like deep discharge, overload, and battery low cut off and overload.


The Solar Power Conditioning unit PCU has an inbuilt MPPT charge solar controller. The device is able to convert energy with the help of an inverter solar panel and store up to 2,000 Watt electricity. It gives output in the form of Sine waves which increase its performance and efficiency.  Moreover, it is also equipped with the MCB protection to ensure safety for the appliances running on it. You can configure it with your Smartphone through its Smartphone App to monitor solar usages.

Price & Warranty  

Luminous PCU NXT 2 KW is a cost-effective power backup solution than other solar inverters.  You just need to invest once and feel free of worries for the lifetime. The device enables you to control the electricity consumption in your home and office in a much better and smarter way that other devices. The device is available online on our site.

Price of the PCU NXT 2 KW solar inverter inclusive of all taxes is Rs. 45,500/-. It comes with 12 months warranty.

Key Features-

  • MPPT Technology
  • Up to 2000 Watt PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • Pure Sine wave output provides better performance
  • MCB Protection for safety to connected load. 
  • Mobile App for monitoring of solar usages


Technical Details 

Key Feature

MPPT Technology based Solar PCU with Mobile app and MCB protection.

Running Load

Up to 2,000 watts

Battery Support

40 Ah - 150 Ah

Battery System

48 Volt (4 nos. of 12 V Battery required)

Wave Type

Pure Sine Wave

Rated Capacity

2000 watts


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off