Luminous Regalia 900- Wall mount, With Inbuilt Li-ION battery - Wi-Fi and More...

  • Rs. 59,000.00
  • Save Rs. 51,000

Product Descriptions

Luminous Regalia is India's first and next generation product that offers unbelievable features in Power backup device.  

  • Inverter with Inbuilt Li-Ion Battery
  • Promises to deliver 24*7 Power backup in Metropolitan city.
  • Gets Instant charged (full battery charge time : 2-3 hours)
  • Wall Mounted Power backup system
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter - Charging from Grid and Solar Panels 
  • Touch screen for display

Key Features

  • No water top required like regular Inverter Battery
  • Battery is built on Li-Ion chemistry which are used in Mobile phones
  • Unlike Lead acid battery which gets fully charged in 10-12 hours. Li-Ion battery gets instant charged. (full battery charge time : 2-3 hours)
  • Maintenance free battery hence no water top up required.

Luminous Regalia features

Technical Specifications: 


960 Watt Hour

Battery Full Charge time

2-3 hours

Battery life

7-10 Years


2 years – Electronics

5 years - battery

Solar Panels Connectivity

Up to 800 Wp


38.6 Kg


20*46*74 in CM (L*W*H)