Luminous ILST 12042 | 100AH - 42* Months warranty Tubular Battery

  • Rs. 10,000.00
  • Save Rs. 2,800

Battery Capacity

Luminous Battery Model - ILST 12042 is Luminous starting range battery for Inverter application. It's capacity is 100 Ah @ C20. 



The price of Luminous 100 Ah battery is ₹ 10,100 after -16% Price drop from Maximum Retail Price (MRP).



100 AH battery model ILST 12042 is a 12 V Tubular Technology battery having Tubular plates inside it. Tubular is latest technology in Inverter batteries application. It comes from Factory in ready to use condition and it can start working as soon as you connect an inverter with it. 



The battery is designed to work for 8-10 years, however, Luminous offers  42* months service warranty. 


Product descriptions

Model ILST 12042
Technology Short Tubular
Replacement warranty 24 months
Inverter support 600 VA – 10 KVA
Nominal Voltage 12 Volt


Cash back offer

Replace your old inverter battery and buy new battery from Luminous, you could get Cash back up to Rs. 2,000/-* Conditions apply


Backup time

Load 500W 400W 300W 200W 100W
Duration 1 hrs 20mint 1 hrs 45 mint 2 hrs 30 mint 4 hrs 0 mint 9 hrs 30 mint


Technical details

Dry Weight Filled Weight Overall Dimensions of Containers (mm) Boost Charging Trickle Mode Charging
±5%Kg. ±5%Kg. Length (+/-3) mm Width (+/-3) mm Height (+/-3) mm Starting rate (Amp) Finishing rate (Amp) Min.  (mA) Max (mA)
20.7 39.5 505 220 284 10.1 5 84 336

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