Luminous Solar 200 Ah Tall Tubular battery

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Product descriptions

To meet the growing electricity needs of consumers in India and abroad, The Luminous keeps on updating its previous battery models. Luminous Solar 200 Ah Tall Tubular battery is the latest solar battery model introduced by the company in India.  The battery can be connected to a solar inverter capacity falling in the range 900 VA – 10 KVA.


The rated capacity of the 12V battery is 200 Ah. It has a full potential to support a solar inverter with a capacity of 900 VA (10 KVA). The battery is suitable for almost all home inverters


LPT 12200L

Rated Capacity

200 Ah

Replacement warranty

3 years


Tall Tubular

Inverter support

900 VA – 10 KVA

Nominal Voltage

12 Volt


Key Features

The corrosion damages lead-acid batteries and shortens their life. Its flexible oxidation property and capability to resist corrosion makes it a highly durable battery. Its extra durability nature makes it one of the most favorite batteries for the solar inverters for home. 

  • Tub Flooded Solar Batteries specially designed for Solar Applications
  • Low maintenance with Topping up Frequency once in 8-10 months
  • Self-discharge rate – 3% per month @ 27˚C
  • C10 rated Capacity with Higher AH Efficiency >90%

Technical details

Its unique uniform grain structure design makes it extremely strong to withstand longer power cuts.  Its tubular plates make it a strong battery to last for a longer duration of time. The dry weight of the battery is 37, Filled weight is 61 and electrolyte volume 19.8.  Since the battery technology is Tall Tubular type, the chances of corrosion are nil, the battery lasts for a long time.


Dimensions of Containers

Battery Weight60 Months Warranty

Nominal Voltage

C10 Capacity

Length (+/-3) mm

Width (+/-3) mm

Height (+/-3) mm

Dry weight (kg)

Filled weight (kg)

Electrolyte Volume 

12 V

200 AH






19.8 Ltr.


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