Luminous Solar provides the most comprehensive portfolio of products, the offering includes Solar home UPS, Batteries, Solar Panels, Charge Controller, Retrofit. Luminous Solar product helps you reduce electricity bills.

Why to buy Solar System?

Reduce electricity bills -The use of solar could be in two ways for reducing electricity bills.

The regular Inverter consumes electricity in charging the battery. One number of 150 Ah battery consumes almost 2 KWH/ 2 Units every day. If you use Solar Home UPS, it would help save 60 units per month.

If you are already using Grid electricity to power you home for electricity, you need a solar PCU. Usually, a smart hone having Led Lights, Ceiling Fans, Refrigerators, Microwave oven, Grinder juicer Mixer consumes 8-10 units per day. Solar PCU could save electricity consumption of 300 units per month.

Environment friendly -Since Electricity is produced from fossil fuels such as Coal, oil, natural gas which are finite in supply, these fuels cause a variety of health and environmental problems. By using solar energy to power electricity in your home, you are contributing towards a healthy planet.

What I should know before buying solar systems?

Q. I already have inverter (600 VA- 2000VA) and battery (120Ah -200 Ah) how could I convert them into Solar power system.

A. Solar Retrofit is a device which is used to convert normal inverter into solar inverter, if you have single battery (12V) or double battery (24V) regular inverter, buy luminous solar retrofit to convert existing inverter into solar and add solar panels with it, Inverter will use solar energy to charge the battery from solar panels.

Q. I am a first time buyer and looking forward to buy solar system to run lights, fans, Television etc. when electricity is not available? What are the options with me?

A. Buy Luminous Solar Inverter 850VA / 1500 VA with battery and solar panels, If your budget is overshooting, then buy Solar Inverter and battery online today and add solar panel later on whenever you have additional money, Solar set without panels will work as normal inverter battery, once you add solar panels, it will become solar system and inverter will start charging the battery from solar panels.