Inverter Battery Combo

Luminous is India's most preferred Inverter Brand in India. It offers wide range of Inverter and battery Combo. Below are the selling prices of Bestselling inverter with battery Combo.

The price of combo depends on Inverter Capacity (VA), Battery Capacity (Ah) and Warranty. Pure Sine wave home Ups and Tubular batteries are the latest technology products to buy. 1 KVA Home ups with 150 Ah Tubular battery is recommended solution for 3-4 hours of power failure to power Led lights, Ceiling Fans, Television and Laptop/ Mobile charging in home and offices.Luminous

Home UPS advantage

  • Best in Style
  • Digital Display with Power backup time display in hours and Minutes
  • No Computer and Wi-Fi restart when light goes off
  • Supports wide rating of battery from 120 Ah – 220 Ah
  • Battery selection switch for different Battery Types (Flat /Tubular / Sealed Maintenance Free)
  • Fast battery charging mode (Current selection – High/ Medium/ Low)
  • Protection from Overload, Short-Circuit, Battery Deep discharge, wrong wiring, Input mains protection through MCB
  • 24 months warranty
Luminous Inverter Battery advantage
  • Tall Tubular battery - more back up, longer life
  • Up to 3 years free replacement warranty
  • Factory Charged battery in ready to use condition
  • Easy to maintain with water level indicators
  • High scrap value due to higher lead quantity

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