HKVA Inverters

Inverter or Home Ups is used to provide electricity in case of power failures. It requires external battery for uninterrupted power supply. If you are planning to install inverter in your home for the first time, it is important for you to choose the appliances first such as Led lights, Ceiling fans, Laptops, Desktop, Printer, Air Conditioner and Refrigerator etc. to power on inverter when electricity is not available and then back up time.

An inverter price depends on Capacity of Inverter, which is measured in VA (Voltage ampere). Higher the VA, higher the capacity of inverter to run number of appliances when electricity is not available, Generally, Home UPS comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty and has 8-10 years of life spam. Similarly, the price of Inverter increases with increase in its capacity and Technology type.From Technology point of view, there are two types of Inverter 1) Pure Sine wave and 2) Square wave. Pure sine wave inverter is the latest technology product and square wave is the baseline product. A pure sine wave inverter does not create humming noise from fans and it will not let your sensitive appliances heated such as laptop adopter.Back up time of inverter depends on number of batteries inverter supports. A 2000 VA home Ups is the best-selling inverter rating in India and requires 2 battery. 1500 VA -2000 VA ups supports two numbers of batteries and it is second most popular rating after 2000 VA