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A battery is a fundamental piece of an Inverter. The execution and life of an inverter generally relies upon its battery. There are a few orders of inverter batteries. Here are not many of them:

  • Flat Plate Batteries
  • Tublar Batteries

 Flat Plate Batteries 

My battery bazaar, The flat Plate Battery has the ability to deal with levels of popularity at one time. It likewise guarantees long existence with low upkeep. Level Plate Battery is particularly appropriate for continuous power cuts. We give total arrangement of Flat Plate Battery to our customers over the globe.

Tublar Batteries 

What is extraordinary about Tubular Battery? This inquiry may emerge when you go for buy of Ups (inverter). By and large even the battery shop proprietor can't make sense of the accurate extraordinary highlights about rounded battery. One thing everyone knows is Tubular is superior to typical battery, yet in which way it is better? Have you ever wonder why you can't locate the correct response for this inquiry. Try not to stress folks; Let me just rundown out the claims to fame about cylindrical battery.

The Tubular plate battery is comprised of negative plates like in level plate battery with the exception of the positive part is comprised of spines put under cylinder bundles.

Cylindrical (Tublar) Batteries  Typical Flat plate batteries 
Future 4 to 5 years (Exide EL+ 8 years) Maximum 3 years 
Low water loss Needs visit water beating up 
Cyclic Life is High Low cyclic life 
Work reliably even at high temperatures. Useful just at suggested temperature conditions. 
Reasonable for High end applications. Not prescribed for substantial applications. 
Complex design. Simple structure. 
High Price. Affordable cost. 
Quick charging battery. Charges gradually contrasted with rounded batteries. 
Prescribed for high profitable applications. Recommended for little homes and thrifty individuals. 
Exceedingly reliable Reliable 
150 AH Tubular expenses Rs.11500 approx.  150 AH Normal Battery Costs Rs.9000 approx.


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